Haier Microwave HDN-2380EG Grill

Prominent Features:

  • To enhance the ambits of HDN series of microwave oven Haier has produced another model of this series with the model number HDN-2380EG Grill.
  • Difference of this model is its grill feature which is not already in other models.
  • Second thing is the capacity of the microwave oven and this is provided by the maker of this model as 23 liters which provides more space for food to prepare at the same time.
  • Next feature which is different from other models in the same series and other series id controls for the functions of the oven. In this model manufacturer has provided electronic control system which was not earlier in any other model of the series.
  • Design and look is trendy due to color selected for this particular model is mirror, which gives outstanding matching with other appliances and grocery in the kitchen.
  • Cavity of the microwave oven directly affects the operations of microwaves because they emit from the source and strike with the cavity walls again and again and effectiveness of the waves operation is based on the diverting feature which is provided by the cavity and that is why maker of this oven has painted the cavity thoroughly.
  • With increase in cooking capacity there is no much effect on the size of microwave oven its net dimensions are as follows: 48.3 x 38.5 x 28.1 cm while gross dimensions’ measurements are as follows: 54.2 x 42.5 x 33 cm. Difference in gross and net measurement is only due to packing of the microwave oven.
  • Like difference of gross and net dimensions there is also difference in net and gross weight due to the same reason. Net weight according to the manufacturer is 12.5 kg and gross weight 14.1 kg.
  • On simple microwave functions HDN-2380EG Grill consumes only 800 watts and while on grill mode it consumes 1000 watts only and these consumption levels are kept as low as possible by providing the energy efficient feature to this oven.
  • Different power levels define the cooking time and heat level according to the nature of food and this model offers 5 different power levels for diversified food variety.
  • Voltage needed for this model is not different because it operates on 230 volts with normal frequency of 50 Hz of alternate current.
  • In order to provide the facility and durability door has been designed with handle for opening and closing the door.
  • As it is common electric appliance which serves as intelligent chef in the house manufacturer has provided extra safety measure by integrating the child safety lock in it.
  • There is no need to open the door of oven for checking the cooking status of the food as it can be viewed from the LED display which shows time and on ending of the cooking it reminds the user about the end of operation.


HDN-2380EG Grill provides all functions of intelligent chef and normal functions like defrosting, cooking and reheating of food.

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