Sony 55″ Class (54.6″ diag) W900A Internet TV

Prominent Features:

  • With increase in the popularity of internet TV Sony is more focusing to produce the more models of internet TV for the betterment of entertainment. Recently it has made another model of internet TV namely 55″ Class (54.6″ diag) W900A Internet TV.
  • As compared to other models of internet TV series it is larger in size as it screen area is 54.6 inches and total size of the TV without stand in all three dimensions id as follows: 1241 x 723 x 61.4 mm and when it is on stand then these dimensions are as follows:1241 x 756 x 298 mm.
  • Backlight controls and on off modes directly affect the energy consumption rate, when backlight is off it reduces the power utilization by the TV. In full operational condition its maximum power utilization is 152 watts and on standby mode just 0.3 watt.
  • Design of the stand is in loop shape which is fully chrome plated and provides the plenty of swivel at the angle of 15 degree in both right and left directions.
  • Picture display directly relates to the picture quality and brightness of the LED screen and light of surrounding impacts the viewing experience and for the auto adjustment of light technology introduced by the Sony in this 55″ Class (54.6″ diag) W900A Internet TV is LightSenor. It gets the light signal from the environment and controls the level of brightness automatically.
  • For the sake of convenience different features has been introduced in it like on screen clock, channel lock, channel jump and USB play option.
  • For the sake of making it connecting with others devices ports are integrated in it which have variety of functionality. Some of the them for USB 2.0 while other relates to HDMI, RF connection, Ethernet and input of digital and analogue audio signals.
  • To make your room 3D theater 55″ Class (54.6″ diag) W900A Internet TV provides the 3D mode. Besides 3D video graphics it also provides the sound quality of 3D theater effect.
  • For vivid and intense display Sony has introduced TRILUMINOS technology which recognizes the shades and reproduces the same with richer effects.
  • Up-scaling of movies and TV shows and more effectively video clips of YouTube site in HD is possible due to image processing engine namely X-Reality PRO which also defines the scale pattern for the display of the video.
  • To provide the details of objects in dark night scenes of the video its dynamic backlight edge system illuminates the objects in darkness by reducing the light level of darkness.



Built-in Wi-Fi makes possible to make calls by using Skype on the large screen giving the sense of real presence of the other person in the room. Elimination of split of screen in 2-player game mode is really awesome to share the same large screen by the both players. Connectivity with sites for videos and music it is also connectable and controllable with smart Android cell phone.

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